Most of our chapbooks are available for free in PDF format. Click on the cover image to view and print the chapbook. The most recent books are listed first.

Francis Raven
ISBN 1-929598-17-3

Francis Raven
ISBN 1-929598-18-1

John Crouse
ISBN 1-929598-14-9


Tim Gaze
The Oxygen of Truth, Vol. 1
ISBN 1-929598-09-2
Tim Gaze
The Oxygen of Truth, Vol. 2
afterword by Jim Leftwich
ISBN 1-929598-10-6
Sheila E. Murphy
ISBN 1-929598-07-6
Scott MacLeod
The Life of Haifisch
ISBN 1-929598-05-X
Glenn Ingersoll
City Walks
ISBN 1-929598-03-3
Kreg Wallace
(An)aerobic Machine
ISBN 1-929598-02-5

William Keckler
Recombinant Image Day
ISBN 1-929598-01-7

Errol Miller
From the Engine Room
ISBN 1-929598-00-9
David Nielsen
Rugburns and
Gutter Ball

ISBN 1-929598-16-5
Marc Kipniss
Reptile Appliance
ISBN 1-929598-11-4

Todd Bash
Final Thoughts
ISBN 1-929598-12-2

Eating Kafka
signed edition
ISBN 1-929598-04-1